Chester racecourse

Chester Racecourse wanted to bring to the foreground the wide range of offerings its vast venue provides alongside the races it’s so famous for. Through collaboration with Chester Racecourse, whilst working within a fantastic team at Rippleffect, we refined the key information we wanted to bring to users through the new digital experience that was previously getting buried behind ambiguous labelling or unnecessary content.

User Research

Creating and communicating initial user journeys and wireframes to both Chester Racecourse and our internal team, the main aim was to promote previously hidden content such as wedding enquiries alongside improving the ease of booking tickets.


Working with the UX and design team on the information architecture and sitemap development, we explored how we can bring out key information immediately without over-cluttering the experience for users.

My role throughout the redesign was to focus on the information architecture of the site, which involved drawing up a new sitemap, user journey mapping and creating wireframes that focused on refining the user journeys for a wider range of audience types than had previously existed. Working closely with the creative team, final iterations evolved to provide clarity and simplicity to the redesigned user experience.