City of Bristol College

As part of the team at digital agency Rippleffect, our aim was to re-design City of Bristol College's website in order to inspire all of the sites visitors by fully utilising the range of courses that the college has to offer. Based on the key user insights gathered and the outlined business objectives, the changes we made included providing a much simpler way to browse through courses and giving more prominence to the large range of facilities on offer.

User Research

Leading the UX process, I facilitated interviews and workshops with users and City of Bristol College staff to gather insights that went on to shape the direction of wireframes and prototypes.


Using the process of value proposition design, the aims of the users were prioritised alongside the aims of City of Bristol College in order to establish where to focus innovation throughout the project.

After speaking with website users and prospective students of City of Bristol College it became clear that there were usability problems we needed to overcome in the redesign. The main cause for concern was the Courses section of the site, which people felt was overloaded with filters and dropdown menus that hindered their experience rather than helped it. We highlighted this as the number one priority to overcome, and strived to make the experience of browsing courses an inspiring and enjoyable one.

By iteratively working through wireframes and prototypes with the team at City of Bristol College, we developed design solutions that encouraged users to browse through courses in a way that could inspire rather than frustrate them.

Designing with a mobile-first approach allowed us to focus our attention on the key content that needed to be displayed across all devices. This strengthened the way we prioritised information and made us think further about usability, resulting in a simple to use website that showed off the Colleges wonderful facilities, people and courses.